class 9(A) class 9(A)

Hello! My name is Aayusha Shrestha.I study in grade 9(A) of SHREE SATYAWATI SECONDARY SCHOOL.Accroding to the project given by our computer teacher Mr.Sujan Shrestha,we should create html describing all the school activities of my grade 9.There were many things that I did in class.First of all I filled the admission form to study in Grade 9.



Guardian's name:


Email address:

Phone number:

Choose(as main subject): Optional Math Engineering

After filling the form,I got admission to study in grade 9.The subjects that should be study in grade 9 are given below:

  1. Social Studies
  2. Science
  3. Computer
  4. Maths
  5. Health Population and Education(HPE)
  6. English
  7. Nepali
  8. OPT Math

There are total 46 students studying in my class.Students of my class are very helpful,supportive and obedient.The population data of my class can be shown by following table:

Class 9(A) Information

Due to the pandemic caused by CORONA VIRUS(COVID-19) We studied online class for about 6 months and then started the physical class.I got to learn many things in grade 9.My favourite subject is Social because we can know about various religious sites and other history things there.We can also know about social problems and its solution.As well as we can know the condition of other countries too.However it is very intresting to study social.

I also got many opportunities to participate in different activities.Besides these,I also participated in different projects of school.One of them is: ISA PROJECT I participated in many programs related to it.Some of them are:

Even in the worst situation due to the pandemic, I am able to overcome the 9thsemester and proceed towards higher semester.I have learnt various things in class 9. Teachers of our class are very tfriendly and helpful.They teach us every single words of the subject matter along with the value of the outer knowledge. I want to thank to all my teachers for cooperating with every single students nicely and cheering them up for positive results and success on upcoming future.